Clothing factory — you order – we make clothes

Starting from French curves development we deliver final products.
From 5000 items up to 50,000+ items

We provide solutions for various budgets and clothing categories

Make an order right now and our manager will contact you asap to answer all your questions.

    We cooperate with:

    You already have a large company or only start your way?

    We have an approach for everyone: our clothing factory can produce small volumes and work for wholesalers.

    Young brands

    Do you have a product line but your production is still not smooth?

    Big brands

    Do you wanna extend the production and decrease costs without quality losses?

    We are ready to undertake the most of the stuff, so you can provide your business comfortably!

      Our capabilities:

      Our factory is located in Western Ukraine in Rivne.

      2 workshops are equipped with everything you need to make men, women and children clothing using almost every fabric.

      Our advantages:

      We have the professional team and are close to EU borders to deliver your orders quickly.

      Main work areas of our clothing factory: making clothes, especially for women, business clothes, restaurants and home textiles, special and unified dresses, clothing of latex and other fabrics.

      You give a sample to us and our specialists will work on the serial production using materials you or we propose:

      Ukraine, Rivne
      39 Gagarina st.

      +48 501 517 317
      Marcin Ganczarczyk

      +38 097 613 70 74
      Maksim Demianchuk

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